04 October, 2005
Public debate: Revitalising the United Nations' System
Joseph E. Schwartzberg, Professor at the university of Minnesota and member of the steering committee of the World Federalist Movement, joined UEF and JEF members for an evening debate at the UEF/JEF European Secretariat in order to share his ideas on how to revitalise the United Nations (UN).
During this debate Prof. Schwartzberg pleaded for the readjustment of the “one state = one vote” system and for the introduction of a “weighted voting system”, which would be more representative of the world’s distribution of power.

A passionate debate ensued between Prof. Schwartzberg and UEF and JEF members on the feasibility of implementing his plan for UN reform in the face of “great powers” unwilling to give up their veto right in the Security Council.

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