02 March, 2014
PES Congress 2014: Socialist MEPS support the Federalist EP2014 Campaign
An enthusiastic delegation of 14 from UEF and JEF rocked the Party of European Socialists Congress (1 March) with many of its delegates and members expressing their support to the Federalist EP2014 Campaign.
17 MEPs and MPs pledged to support our principles. Amongst them Hannes SWOBODA – Chair of the S&D Group at the EP, Véronique DE KEYSER- Vice-Chair of the S&D at the EP and Miguel Angel MARTÍNEZ -VP of the European Parliament. Alessia MOSCA, Sandro GOZI, Stefano FASSINA and Ninchi VENDOLA also came by the Federalist stand to express their support towards a better, democratic and federal Europe.
The meeting itself, resulted to the voting of the Socialist manifesto and the official nomination of Martin Schultz as the Socialist Commission presidential candidate. When approached to sign the federalist pledge Mr Schultz commented towards our enthusiastic delegate: “You are the best one!” without however moving on to sign. Along his speech the European Parliament president dismissed one of many federalist demands, that of a United States of Europe, himself however incarnating of one of the long lasting federalist demands that of Commission Presidential candidates who will give a face to EU elections.

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