26 April, 2006
Laudation in the honour of Fernand Herman and presentation of the publication "Europa Patria Mea"
The laudation honouring Fernand HERMAN and the presentation of a publication presenting his works and articles took place on 25 April at the European Parliament. It was co-organised by the Foundation Pegase, Foundation Schuman, UEF Groupe Europe, the European Investment Bank and Foundation Paul-Henri Spaak.
Opening speeches were made by Wilfried MARTENS, President of the PPE, Marianne THYSSEN, Vice-President of the PPE group at the EP, Nicolas ESTGEN, President of the Foundation Pégase and Friedhelm FRISCHENSCHLAGER, Secretary General of the UEF.

Jean-Louis BOURLANGES, MPE gave a presentation of the publication “Europa Patria Mea” collecting Fernand HERMAN’s writings, and described his contribution to the European construction.

A round table followed. The public figures present were: Jean-Luc DEHAENE, MPE, Gérard DEPREZ, MPE, Jens-Peter BONDE, MPE, Enrique BARON CRESPO, MPE, Jo LEINEN, MPE, Mario MONTI, former European Commissioner and Karel VAN MIERT, also former European Commissioner.

Fernand HERMAN was a very precious friend of the federalist movement. About 100 articles of the nearly 600 he contributed to the newspaper “Le Courrier de la Bourse” in spring 2005 are published in this book, which now is available at the Foundation Pegase.

These articles are mainly dealing with European Policy and key stages of the European construction, crucial events of the word’s news, social and economic issues, agriculture and environment, and more general issues.

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