11 March, 2006
Federal Union seminar within the framework of Plan D: “The European Constitution: What went wrong and how to put it right?"
Federal Union, the UK section of the UEF, held its Annual General Meeting on the theme of “The European constitution: what went wrong and how to put it right?” in London on Saturday 11 March 2006.
The first debate, “The European constitution: what went wrong?”, was introduced by Richard Laming.  He looked at three distinct aspects of the problem, and pointed to reasons why each made it hard to advocate the treaty.  It is not possible to look only at the European Union and the constitutional treaty in isolation; the whole nature of democracy and politics is changing, and that has to be taking into account, too.

Stephen Haseler opened the second debate on the theme of “The European constitution: what to do next?”  He argued that the right way forward was for a political Europe based on the eurozone.  If you put Europe in a global context, he said, the purpose of Europe becomes clear. The European Union is the means of protecting Europeans in a dangerous world.  This is the huge new idea that is needed to kick-start European integration.

The AGM also elected a new committee for the coming year, with results as follows: Chair: Brendan Donnelly; Deputy Chair: Stephen Haseler;Treasurer: Lawrence Fullick, Secretary: Richard Laming.

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