The Union of European Federalists and the World Federalist Movement/IGP are delighted to invite you to our joint event celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Montreux Declaration in Brussels in a hybrid event.


On 23rd August 1947, World Federalists met in Montreux at the first international congress of the “World Movement for World Federal Government” (now known as the World Federalist Movement/ Institute for Global Policy). These federalists called upon the peoples of the world to join them in supporting the idea of the establishment of a World Federal Government, which would be responsible for ensuring sustained peace in light of the United Nations being inhibited from doing so effectively, due to the self-interest of States.

75 years later, humanity still faces the threat of war in addition to new challenges such as climate change, and nuclear proliferation. Furthermore, the world is more globalized and interlinked than it has ever been, what occurs in one hemisphere of the world has vast implications for other regions, yet the UN still remains dominated by the self-interest of powerful states, leaving a global governance gap for important and urgent issues. This is perhaps most evident in the current Russian- Ukraine war, whereby we have witnessed blatant violations of International Law, and Russia’s repeated application of the veto power at the security council to avoid condemnation or orders to cease its invasion of Ukraine. As a by-product, the war has disrupted global oil markets and food supply and has contributed towards inflation across the globe.

The commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Montreux Declaration provides an opportunity to pick up from where the Federalists from Montreux left off, and to continue the fight for much-needed reform in the international system, in light of recent affairs (e.g. the Ukraine war) and current challenges (e.g climate change).

The event will provide an opportunity for attendees to reflect on the achievements of federalism and lessons learned since the Montreux Declaration and the creation of the World Federalist Movement.


We keep online this part related registrazione and proposal of resolutions for archive.


We are delighted to inform you that the registration to Federal Committee Meeting on Saturday, 11 February 2023 and on Sunday, 12 February 2023, is now open. 

The FC meeting is open to members and observers. Please find here the registration LINK


Kindly find here the invitation as sent to the members of the Federal Committee:

If you are unable to attend and your section has already exhausted the list of Substitute Members, you may issue a PROXY.


We are delighted to inform you about the venues of the Federal Committee Meeting:

Saturday, 11 February 2023:


Representation of the State of Hesse to the European Union

Rue Montoyer 21, B-1000 Bruxelles

Sunday, 12 February 2023:


Mundo B

Rue d'Edimbourg 26, B-1050 Brussels-Ixelles

Download here the Agenda (draft) of the Federal Committee Meeting.

We sincerely thank the Representation of the State of Hesse to the European Union for making its venues available for the Federal Committee of UEF!


In view of the Federal Committee meeting, the UEF Secretariat would like to remind you of the deadlines set by the Federal Committee Rules of Procedure for the presentation and management of resolutions.

Article 10.2 of the Federal Committee Rules of Procedure states that resolutions must be sent to the Secretariat within three weeks of the FC meeting so that they can then be made available to all FC members. In the case of the next meeting:

- 21 January, midnight: deadline for submitting resolutions

- 26 January: resolutions will be circulated and there will be a week to propose amendments

- 2 February, midnight: deadline for submitting amendements 

All resolutions and amendaments must be sent to the email address of the Secretariat (


Below, you can find the list of draft resolutions submitted to the Federal Committee meeting. To every resolutions is attached the form for amendments. From 26 January until 2 February 2023 midnight, all FC members can submit amendments by sending the related resolution in a Word file format to the UEF Secretariat (


Below, you can find the list of draft resolutions submitted to the Federal Committee with the amendments collected.

Regarding proposals nr. 1 UEF Secretariat has not receved any amendments proposals.

Saturday, 11 February 2023, 9:30 – 18:00


Role & mission of the civil society organisations to support the European Parliament and the Commission to fully implement its results

The Conference on the Future of Europe was a key democratic moment that involved citizens in a reflection on the nature and future of the European Union. It was not a formality, or a mere consultative exercise. At the end of a multi-layered process, the citizens drew up precise requests: they demanded that the European Union be strengthened in terms of external and internal action and that European democracy be developed further, both through forms of direct democracy and by giving more powers and competences to the Union's political institutions.

Most of the proposals elaborated in the conference can be implemented under current treaties, but some require Treaty change. They are few, but fundamental, for increasing the powers and improving the decision-making mechanisms of the EU. The European Parliament, with the support of the Commission, has already taken action to call for a Convention to reform the Treaties, and will present a report with its proposals in the spring.

What needs to be done now to enter the next phase? What can and needs to be done by  the civil society organisations to generate political pressure in the Council on the one hand, and how can the UEF mobilise its network to drive the debate at local level on the other?

We would like to discuss all this with representatives from politics and the sections.

  • COLIN SCICLUNA, Head of Cabinet of the Vice-President of the European Commission Dubravka Šuica and former Co-Head of the Common Secretariat of the CoFoE
  • MARKUS FERBER, MEP (EPP), Vice-President of the Union of European Federalists
  • SANDRO GOZI, MEP (Renew) President of the Union of European Federalists
  • GIULIA ROSSOLILLO, Professor of European Union Law at the University of Pavia, Member of the Executive Bureau of UEF
  • DOMÈNEC RUIZ DEVESA, MEP (S&D), Vice-President of the Union of European Federalists

Moderator:  JULIAN PLOTTKA, Universities of Bonn and Passau; Chair of Political Commission 1 of the Union of European Federalists


  • Political Commission 1: Institutional Affairs (CoFoE, Democracy)

Chair: Julian Plottka; Rapporteur: Giulia Rossolillo

Panel Debate: "Putting the Future of Europe into Practice: the Need to Respect Citizens' Will"

Welcome & introduction: SANDRO GOZI, MEP (Renew) President of the Union of European Federalists and President of the Spinelli Group

Panel Debates

  • LAURA MARIA CINQUINI, Citizens‘ Representative to the CoFoE from Italy
  • HUUB VERHOEVEN, Citizens‘ Representative to the CoFoE from the Netherlands

Followed by Q&A

Moderator: JULIAN PLOTTKA, Universities of Bonn and Passau; Chair of Political Commission 1 of the Union of European Federalists


1) Proposal of the Direzione nazionale of the Movimento Federalista Europeo for a federalist campaign

2) Petition's to EU Council approved by Direzione Nazionale MFE "Respect the citizen's will"

  • Political Commission 2: Rule of Law, Values & European Cohesion

Chair: Léonie Martin; Rapporteur: Eszter Nagy

Panel Debate: The EU's rule of law mechanism at work: The sharpest tool in the box?”

  • SIMONA CONSTANTIN, Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Vice-President of the European Commission Vĕra Jourová

Moderator: ESZTER NAGY, President of UEF Hungary, EB-Member and Rapporteur of Political Commission 2 of the Union of European Federalists

  • Political Commission 3: Foreign Affairs & Security

Chair: Carlo Maria Palermo; Deputy Chair: Prof. Dimitrios Triantaphyllou;

Rapporteurs: Wolfgang Wettach and Laura Tatarelyte

  • Introduction & Workplan of PC3
  • Working Group Ukraine: sharing actions/advocacy
  • Discussion and voting on Resolution “On a victorious Ukraine in a Federal Europe
  • AOB

Citizens representatives asked the Council to take their recommendations seriously and ensure a proper follow-up, including through treaty change.

On 2 December, half a year after the conclusion of the work of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE), the European Parliament in Brussels hosted the first follow-up event on this unprecedented democratic exercise.

The Union of the European Federalists takes stock of the open letter that the citizen representatives of the Conference sent to the European Commission and the Council and join in their concern.

In the document, the signatories express share a common worry with the UEF. They regret the “firm silence of the Council,” and its “unwillingness to listen to the citizens’ voice, and to pursue the change the EU needs.” The citizens hope for treaty change: they see it as a “necessity” if it is “the only way for implementing a proposal.”

Federalists, and with them all the supporters of the CoFoE, understand the necessity for Europe to adopt, without reserve, the recommendations put forward by the citizens that took part in the Conference–including the ones that require treaty reform. 

Sandro Gozi, President of the UEF said: "we want a powerful and democratic Europe, through the strengthening of European parties and the Parliament. It is not enough that the member states decide by majority. The European Parliament must be able to supervise the work of the Council, have the right of legislative initiative and have more legitimacy thanks to transnational political movements and the introduction of transnational lists. These reforms should have started yesterday.”

The UEF will continue to support the claim of European citizens for a thorough implementation of the recommendations of the conclusion of the CoFoE and advocate for treaty reform, the only viable path towards a federal, sovereign and democratic Europe.

Here below the video of the intervention of our President, Sandro Gozi

The Union of European Federalists is delighted to invite you to our joint event Is there a German EU Policy?, co-organised with the local sections Europa Union Frankfurt, UEF Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes & Lyon, MFE Sezione di Milano.

When the three parties of the German "Traffic Light Coalition" joined to form the current government last year, they agreed to push for a federal Europe. Looking at the reality of 2022, this seems forgotten. Germany faces criticism by many observers who see it focused on pursuing a supposed national interest, while ignoring European partners.

Input by
Dr. Johannes Lindner

Co-Director of the Jacques Delors Centre at Hertie School of Governance,

Here below you can watch or listen the event happened

After two years in online mode, it is now time to find the way back to the meetings in presence.

The online meetings have enabled us to meet and to keep our network alive even during the peak phases of the pandemic and we can be thankful for these technical opportunities. However online meetings cannot replace the so valuable personal encounters, discussions, and exchanges. 

We sincerely thank the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the European Union and the  House of European History for making their venues available for the Federal Committee of UEF!

Invitation letter

The agenda (08.07.2022)





The Union of European Federalists (UEF)  held its Federal Committee in presence on 9 and 10 July in Brussels at the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia  to the European Union and at the House of European History.

The political introduction by the President, Sandro Gozi (MEP) was followed by a political debate on the topic After the Conference on the Future of Europe: The work continues! with the President, Sandro Gozi (MEP) and the Vice-Presidents Markus Ferber (MEP) and Domènec Ruiz Devesa (MEP) as well as the Professor Giulia Rossolillo (EB-Member), moderated by Julian Plottka, Chair of PC 1. After that the FC members and observers further discussed the political items in the respective Political Commissions.

The Federal Committee  adopted  two Resolutions and a Statement

The Resolution presented by the Political Commissions on Institutional Affairs (PC1) and the Political Commission on Rule of Law, Values, and European cohesion (PC2) explores the idea of a Europe of concentric circles, a proposal against the political blockages and status quo. The Resolution presented by the Political Commission of Foreign and Security (PC3) policies advocates for the creation of a federal union for Europe to finally assume continental geopolitical responsibility. 

UEF’s Statement voted on Sunday 10 June calls on the EU member states to initiate the process to create a federal, sovereign and democratic Europe, through the launch of a Convention and reform of the Treaties.

The Resolutions and the Statement can be found below:

Furthermore, the Federal Committee has decided to admit the UEF Kosovo as a new section. We warmly welcome our federalist friends from UEF Kosovo and are looking forward to our cooperation!

WELCOME TO by European Federalists

The Secretary General, Anna Echterhoff, reported on the activities of the UEF in 2022 and the commitment and initiatives  of the UEF within the Conference on the Future of Europe. The UEF Activity Report for 2021 was also presented.

Activity Report 2021 by European Federalists

Impressive was also the reports from the sections about their activities in the recent months.

FC UEF Brussels II day by European Federalists

The number of “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Practice” (SLAPP) against journalists, civil society actors and other people active in the public sphere is on the rise in Europe. Resource-rich individuals, organisations and public authorities bring proceedings in relation to public participation that are fully or partially unfounded in order to silence their critics. These lawsuits restrict the liberty of speech and democracy in Europe. Fighting SLAPP is an important contribution to protecting European values and preserving European democracy.

The European Commission has adopted a recommendation and a legislative proposal for a directive to protect journalists, civil society actors and other people against SLAPP. This will enable judge to dismiss manifestly unfounded lawsuits, force plaintiffs to cover the costs for court proceeding and pay compensation for damages and foresees additional protective measures. While the Commission proposal is quite advanced, much will depend on Member States’ due implementation of the new provisions, once they are in force. The EESC’s opinion on the Commission proposal is currently under discussion.


  • Anna ECHTERHOFF, Secretary-General of the Union of European Federalists
  • Tomasz WRÓBLEWSKI, EESC Rapporteur on the “Initiative against abusive litigation targeting journalists and rights defenders”, Adviser, Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers


  • Sandro GOZI, Member of the European Parliament, President of the Union of European Federalists
  • Tomasz WRÓBLEWSKI, EESC Rapporteur on the “Initiative against abusive litigation targeting journalists and rights defenders”, Adviser, Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers
  • Christian MOOS, Secretary-General of Europa-Union Deutschland (German section of UEF) and EESC Co-Rapporteur on the “Initiative against abusive litigation targeting journalists and rights defenders”
  • Camille PETIT, Communications & Project Officer, European Federation of Journalists


  • Julian PLOTTKA, University of Passau and University of Bonn



You can listen here the event and interventions.

PC3 on Common Foreign and Security Policy has created a room for debate among Federal Committee members, National Section representatives, Executive Board on ongoing dramatic situation in Ukraine.

Speakers were Carlo Maria Palermo, Chair of PC3, Sandro Gozi, MEP and President of UEF, Hanna Shelest, Director of Security Programmes, Foreign Policy Council "Ukrainian Prism", Odessa, Prof. Dimitrios TRIANTAPHYLLOU, Deputy.


You can listen the event here


During the Federal Committee Meeting of the UEF in July, the application for membership of the Kosovar section was confirmed! We warmly welcome our federalist friends from UEF Kosovo and are looking forward to our cooperation!

Here below is the welcome speech by UEF President Sandro Gozi


MAKE EUROPE BLOOM: the Time is Now! (project website: is a project organised by the Union of European Federalists and co-funded by the European Parliament.

This project is being carried out in the context of a political campaign at both European and national levels to raise awareness on the importance of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE), as a framework in which to advance the reforms that can create the conditions and changes that citizens are demanding.

Officially launched on Europe Day 2021 together with our Appeal "Our Federal Europe: sovereign and democratic"MAKE EUROPE BLOOM: the Time is Now! is carrying out activities in different European cities. Murals are being created until June 2022 all across Europe.

Building on President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen’s 2020 State of the Union speech, this project is also contributing to setting up the new European Bauhaus by mirroring citizens’ feelings on Europe through art.

In order to meet our innovative approach, we count on renown urban artists that accompany us to the locations helping us to make Europe bloom with their art. Our idea is based on replicating a series of the large-scale “The Future is Europe” mural on Rue de la Loi in the European neighbourhood of Brussels. This time, the murals are being drawn in places where EU-related conversations do not normally happen.

The Union of European Federalists, in collaboration with the European Parliament's Intergroup The Spinelli Group, is delighted to invite you to an Evening Debate on European sovereignty.

The very concept of sovereignty has become problematic in an interdependent world where many issues are beyond the control of states. Therefore, the question of where sovereignty rests and how to guarantee it to citizens is intertwined with the European project.
States show to be unable to act effectively in many fields of public life. Their desire to maintain exclusive control of sovereignty at the national level has become obsolete and contradictory. It becomes even clearer as the idea of empires re-emerges on the world stage and considering the attempts against democracy in the Western countries, as recent American and European political events show.

How can Europe ensure that its citizens can “take back control” over their destiny and the governance of major issues? What is the federalist approach to sovereignty? Can new European Treaties change the way sovereignty is shared? Ultimately, where does European sovereignty lie?
To answer these questions, we invited:

  • Gabriele BISCHOFF MEP (S&D), board member of the Spinelli Group;
  • Gwendoline DELBOS-CORFIELD MEP (Greens/EFA), Board member of the Spinelli Group ;
  • Sandro GOZI MEP (Renew), President of the UEF, Chairman of the Spinelli Group;
  • Nicolas LERON, Associate researcher at the Cevipof and OFCE, Sciences Po Paris. Author of Souveraineté, l'obsession des nations;
  • Moderator: Dr Nana WALZER, Journalist, University Lecturer, Chairwoman of europe:united,

Please register to this event: 



Here you can listen the event


From Creation to Dissemination

1. PRE-PRODUCTION: an online survey is distributed to local and intergenerational participants, local artists and those who wish to participate in this activity through our national sections and partners. Artists then create something from the results of the survey;

2. PRODUCTION: the mural is finalised with the participation of locals. UEF liaises with local authorities, EP (liaison) offices, chambers of commerce and local private entities in order to place the murals in the most effective and visible places.

Venues that host the murals are visited by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), national decision makers and representatives from civil society. A cross-party group of MEPs, especially members of UEF Europe and The Spinelli Group in the European Parliament, and those from the country or region concerned are encouraged to participate in each local event.

A final report will be written and translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and the local languages of the events. The final content will be shared and disseminated in our network. Likewise, we plan to organise an exhibition in the European Parliament with the graphic content from this project, making into a virtual exhibition on our website.

Doing so will not we only bring Conference on the Future of Europe (#CoFoE) debates to locations where they do not normally take place, it will also serve our organisation, huge networks of our own sections, our partner CSOs, and the European Parliament to identify citizens’ political needs and how to communicate them better in the EU bubble.

Rainer Wieland, MEP and President of the Europa-Union Deutchland (EUD), attended the constituent meeting of the Executive Board of the UEF Kosovo on 26 May in the Europahaus in Pristina as a guest of honour and participant in the discussion. Here below some photos of that events.

The first General Assembly meeting  elected the Executive Board: 

  1. Emrush Ujkani - President 
  2. Era Jashari - Vice President
  3. Rina Mehana - Secretary General 
  4. Granit Terrnava - member of the Board
  5. Alban Kryeziu - member of the Board 

For more contacts; / +383 49 887 666 

The murals

The four murals are painted in: 

  • Valencia, Spain by Antonio Marest: for this we had an exceptional location - one of the façades of the Museo Faller. The mural is perfectly visible from the City of Arts and Sciences, as it is located just 500 meters from this emblematic enclave for Valencia and it will be inaugurated during the UEF Congress in Valencia.
  • Strasburg, France by Antonio Marest: in the heart of the Esplanade campus of the University of Strasbourg and  it will be inaugurated to the public on 9 May 2022, Europe Day and end of the Conference on the Future of Europe.
  • Tartu, Estonia by Anastasiia Lemberg-Lvova in cooperation with Tartu-based start-up Robot Muralist, and it will painted at the school's façade and presented to the public on May 2022.
  • Lublin, Poland by Volodymyr Manzhosin the “Krakowskie Przedmieście” street (ulica Jasna 3) and it will be inaugurated to the public on June 2022.
THE FOUNDATION OF UEF KOSOVO by European Federalists
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