24/06/2022 // The Union of European Federalists welcomes the accession of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU candidate list and advocates for the deepening of our institutions
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10/06/2022 // The European Parliament confirms the conclusions of the Conference on the Future of Europe and calls for a Convention for the revision of the Treaties - Press Release | 10 June 2022
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25/04/2022 // The pandemic and Putin´s aggression to Ukraine have ushered a new era for Europe. This calls for a more proactive European action in different policy fields, such as health, economic and social recovery, foreign policy, defence and security, energy,…
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25/04/2022 // UEF President Sandro GOZI: A good day for Europe - France remains pro-European! Congratulations, Monsieur le Président!
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05/04/2022 // In the light of the return of war in Europe, the Conference on the Future of Europe is the occasion to launch the necessary treaty reforms to create a federal Union.
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10/03/2022 // Bruxelles, March 10, 2022
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24/02/2022 //


Today is a dark day for Europe.
We all condemn in the strongest possible terms the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, a free and sovereign country in the heart of Europe.
This is not only an attack on…

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23/02/2022 //

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are at their highest in years, with a Russian troop build-up near the two nations' borders spurring fears that Moscow could launch an invasion. The current crisis has been provoked by an ongoing Russian military…

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21/02/2022 //

Dear federalist friends,

The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) has entered its hot political phase and I want to express my appreciation for your dedication and commitment. 

Being present in a structured and effective way, as well as being…

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22/01/2022 //

UEF President Sandro GOZI: “We must get inspired and revive the spirit of the Ventotene Manifesto to push for a new European democratic transformation.”

In 1941, while imprisoned on Ventotene island just off the coast of Italy, the intellectuals…

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