UEF Update
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Dear Friends, The Federalists' voice is becoming more powerful. Federal Europe as a solution has been a vision for a long time but turned into an option at occasion of the current crisis. Federalists amongst the leadership elected at the General Assembly of the European Movement International (EMI) in Warsaw last week will ensure that we will be increasingly heard also in a civil society environment that comprises by a broader range of the EU supporters from NGOs, Industry, Unions and political parties. Watch our activities and be inspired, also through inspiring news such as the establishment of a UEF section in Montenegro. Read more below! Sincerely yours,
Christian Wenning
UEF Secretary General


Federalists urge European Parliament to insist on a Convention to deepen European Union Reform

During the FC meeting on 12-13 November, the Union of European Federalists passed a resolution which sets out its position with regard to the financial, economic and political crisis which threatens to engulf Europe. Read the resolution "Federal Union Now".

UEF Montenegro joins Federalists' family

The Federal Committee of the UEF unanimously voted for the candidate section UEF Montenegro as a full member of the Union of European Federalists. We are happy that federalists family expands. Together we can do more! 


Federalists elected in European Movement International

The UEF Delegation present at EMI’s Federal Assembly (Warsaw 25-26 November 2011) was glad to witness the election of six members of the federalist family in the new board or the international organisation.
Jo Leinen, President of UEF from 1997 to 2005, was unanimously elected at the head of EMI.
The other newly elected Federalists include Olivier Hinnekens, current UEF treasurer, and Jessica Chamba, former JEF-Europe VP, both appointed EMI Vice-President. UEF Secretary General Christian Wenning, JEF Europe President Pauline Gessant and Eve Pakkanen from JEF Finland were appointed Board members.

In these times of dramatic crisis for the European Union and the Eurozone, we are pleased that Federalists’ voices will play an important role in the European Movement upcoming future. At its meeting the Federal Assembly of the European Movement International (EMI) not only elected a new leadership, but adopted resolutions for a more united and stronger Europe.

UEF brings federalism at JEF Training Days in Antwerp

On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November, a sunny Antwerp welcomed the participants of  the JEF Belgium Training Days (TD). JEF Belgium invited the UEF to talk about federalism and to explain both the philosophical and the institutional aspects that stand behind the UEF fight for a federal Europe. Matteo Adduci  – UEF secretariat – brought the voice and message of the movement.  His presentation meant to trigger the participants’ curiosity, by showing first the historical importance and the strength of the idea inspiring the Manifesto di Ventotene and, secondly, the validity of federalism as a solution to the problems affecting Europe and the Eurozone during these traumatic years. Read the full article...


Campaigning for Europe 2.0. – EUD’s new media training series

UEF section in Germany - Europa Union Deutschland (EUD) - offers a new format to its regional and local subsections: a media training enabling local activists to better promote their sections’ activities in the local press as well as in social media.

The seminars are comprised of four components. First, a workshop on how to write interesting press articles is held by Ewald König, editor in chief of EurActiv Germany. Second, a local or national notable is invited for a lecture and discussion on a topical European issue. The participants write reports about this discussion and receive feedback by the group as well as by Mr König. Third, EUD’s federal office introduces the possibilities of advertising events on EUD’s website as well as on facebook or other social media. At the end of the seminar, the participants get the chance for a talk with a local journalist in order to establish closer contacts.

The first events of the series took place in St Martin, Geilenkirchen and Berlin. For further information visit UEF Germany website.


UEF Austria Congress "A Federal European Union - NOW"

On 12 November 2011, UEF Austria (EFB – Europäische Föderalistische Bewegung) held its Congress in Linz, Upper Austria under a motto "Federal Union Now!". A federal Europe has been as necessary and important as it is now, in this crucial period of European integration. Following the example of UEF president Andrew Duff who has recently published the pamphlet "Federal Union – Now“, UEF Austria has developed its vision of a federal Europe. Read the full article...

The fate of the eurozone – how Europe can survive the crisis?

UEF section in Britain, Federal Union,  and the Federal Trust held a conference on Saturday 29 October 2011 to examine the roots of the crisis in the eurozone and to explore possible solutions.  Why is the eurozone in a fix?  How can it get out again?

The speakers at the conference were Stephen Haseler, professor of government at London Metropolitan University and director of the Global Policy Institute, George Irvin, honorary Research Professor, University of London, SOAS, Lord Robert Maclennan, Liberal Democrat peer and member of the European Convention 2003-4, John Palmer, former European editor of The Guardian and founder political director of the European Policy Centre, and John Stevens, former Conservative MEP.  This report is a synthesis of what was said during the day. Read the full article…

The callenges to the EU two years after the Lisbon Treaty

On November 21 President of UEF Bulgaria MEP Andrey Kovatchev was a guest speaker at the discussion "The callenges to the EU two years after the Lisbon Treaty" organised by JEF Bulgaria in the National Student House.

The focus of the discussion was the resolution "Federal Union Now" adopted by the UEF Federal Committee on 13 November in Brussels and the future actions of the federalists in order to convince political and public opinion of the reforms necessary to reach the goal of a united democratic Europe.


Christmas drink in Brussels

On 9 December 2011 European Federalists in Brussels - UEF, JEF-Europe and EUD Brussels will organise its yearly Christmas drink. We invite all our members, partner organisations, supporters and friends to celebrate with us the end of the successful year 2011.

Encouraging active European Citizenship in the post-Lisbon EU

The international seminar “Encouraging Active European Citizenship in the post-Lisbon EU” which will be held in Sofia from 11 to 18 December will bring together federalists from Bulgaria, Austria, Greece and Slovenia to discuss the new opportunities for active involvement of the citizens in the European project.

With the ongoing changes and their unavoidable impact on the whole EU decision making process, it is necessary to be proactive and understand the challenges and opportunities of the time to come. The new treaty gives people the power to push for the Europe they want.

The project will involve governmental officials, elected representatives, scholars, activists of civil society organizations and, most importantly, the participants themselves in a series of debates, working groups and euro parties.   

For more info about the participating conditions and application form:
Union of European Federalists (U.E.F.)
European Secretariat, Square de Meeûs 25, B - 1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0)2 508 30 30 | info@federalists.eu | http://www.federalists.eu