The federalist flag, also known as the European Movement flag or the green "E" flag, is a flag commonly used by groups or individuals promoting European federalism. It was designed as the flag of the European Movement, but is no longer used by it, and consists of a large green "E" upon a white background. The flag first appeared at the Congress of Europe in 1948, intended to be a symbol of hope for peace and unity in Europe.

The flag has been commonly used by citizens, hoisting it at border crossings following the Second World War, in the 1970s calling for direct European elections, by over 100,000 protesters in Milan calling for the adoption of the Spinelli Treaty (which would have created a European federation, but was not adopted) and likewise by tens of thousands supporting the European Constitution at the 2000 Nice European Council.

Today, the flag no longer simply stands for European unity, but for the political struggle for a European federation, against nationalism and against unionists. In 2010, it became the revamped logo of the UEF, designed by Alexander Pohl.
UEF logo, full color on white background

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UEF logo, full color on transparent background

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