03/10/2002 //
The Union of European Federalists has thrown down a challenge to members  of the Convention when they meet on Friday morning to discuss subsidiarity. Anyone proposing a new institution or legislative procedure is challenged to answer the…
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23/05/2002 //
The  Union  of  European  Federalists  (UEF)  welcomes  the  European Commission’s communication on the future of Europe presented to the European Convention on 22 May and its call for taking the lead in foreign affairs and economic policy. The UEF…
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30/04/2002 //
The Union of European Federalists  (UEF), chaired by  Jo LEINEN MEP,  notes that the current diplomatic efforts of the European Union to put an end to the Middle East crisis are ineffective. 
The European Union should propose a peace plan which…
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24/04/2002 //
About  100 European participants attended a European colloquium  on “European  regions  and the federal future of Europe” in Palma de Mallorca on 19 and 20 April. This event was organised by  the  Union of  European  Federalists  (U.E.F.),  in…
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28/02/2002 //
On the eve of the opening of the Convention on the future of the European Union, the Union of European  Federalists  (U.E.F.)  and  the  Young  European  Federalists  (JEF),  organised  a  public debate in the European Parliament in Brussels  on the…
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21/01/2002 //
Bruno BOISSIERE, European Secretary-General of the U.E.F., explained that the 16 Members of the European Parliament, who were appointed during the Strasbourg plenary session, should play a key role as the driving force within the Convention on the…
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