An active member is the lifeblood of the organisation. The following activities are some examples of how UEF members can actively foster the promotion of the European Federalism.


Help us make the public hear our message! For the European Federalists to become a more powerful voice, you must be willing to speak up. If you are involved in any related activity, write and blog about us. Persistent online communication can strengthen mechanisms allowing to influence the agenda of the European Union and decisions made. Together, we can create a permanent presence of federalist ideas in media such as,,,,, or even your personal blog. Express your federalist point of view on current hot topics and inform the secretariat about articles you have written. We can also help you find inspiration thanks to our policy papers.


Make full use of all your social media accounts to spread federalist ideas and share information about federalism with your friends and family. Post and re-post federalist messages to your social networking sites and re-tweet and share the UEF tweets and posts. If only 20 people post messages to their 300 friends network, we can reach out to 6 000 people. Imagine what we can do with our 30 000 European federalists network! And why don’t you proudly display your UEF membership status on LinkedIn? To get you started, visit our facebook page, twitter and linkedin accounts.


Do you ever participate in political debates and conferences?  Be it as an attendee or a speaker, you can always make federalist interventions and ask questions raising federalists’ issues. This way, you can directly reach a large number of decision makers, leaders of opinion and general public, who might have never heard about the federalist points of view. If you are yourself organizing an event, don’t forget to add a federalist edge to it. Why not present material to your attendees? Our publications are available online and frequently renewed.


If all this seems a bit much all at once, no worries. You are not expected to complete all this on your own. That’s why we have special activities planned for you. Every year, training events are organised for experienced and new activists to develop their skills and expertise. Beyond the opportunity to engage with expert speakers, it also represent an excellent occasion to get practical training on campaigning for a federal Europe. A special federalist academy is even organised annually for members looking to develop their capabilities as activists and committed to working to strengthen their national or local sections.


Join a political commission of your choice and take part as an observer in the analysis and creation of a federalist response to current EU issues. Get in touch with our team to become an observer, and if you want to push it further, you can become member by becoming member of our Federal Committee.


UEF engages in many types of campaigns and activities. Grassroots action are encoded in the federalists’ DNA. You can help organizing specific events and projects. It is only thanks to committed members that the UEF can “scale up” their events and their presence in the public sphere. Don’t forget that UEF can help you with your travel costs once you are a member, you can bring your help across Europe!


Last but not least, every bit helps; if you speak several languages, give a hand in translating our material. The more languages we use, the more people we can reach out to.

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