The European Alternative to the Crisis of the International Order


On Wednesday 20 February, the Union of European Federalists is glad to present the book “Supranational Political Economy. The Globalisation of the State–Market Relationship” written by Guido Montani. The presentation will be held in Piola Library.


With the ending of the Cold War and the rise of a nationalistic ‘America First’ strategy, the post-war liberal international order, based upon the hegemonic power of the USA, is fading away. In its place, a multipolar world is emerging which is open to disorder and instability.  As an alternative, this volume argues for a form of global governance that will offer a better balance between politics and economics, based on a supranational approach.

A supranational approach in which world powers and UN member states can work in agreement would follow the principle on which European political and economic integration was built. In post-war Europe a group of nation states, once fierce enemies, embarked on a process of integration which led to the abolition of inter-European national borders. With supranational global governance, the same could be achieved in the global system.


With interventions by

Guido MONTANI, University of Pavia, former President of the European Federalist Movement

Jo LEINEN, Member of the European Parliament

Andreas BUMMEL, Director of Democracy Without Borders


Lunch with the speakers as of 12:00.

Please register by Tuesday 19 February 2019 by following this link.

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