13-14 January 2018 | Brussels

Shaping Federalist Proposals and Actions

The UEF Political Commission 'Future of Europe & Federalist Strategy' and the JEF Political Commission 'Institutions & Governance' will hold a joint meeting to discuss in more detail the federalists' strategy for the upcoming European elections in 2019. The meeting is organised jointly by UEF and JEF, in cooperation and with the support of the local sections UEF Belgium and JEF Belgium.

This meeting will focus on the main issues we as federalists are facing from now to the upcoming 2019 European elections and the related federalists' strategy and actions. Sessions will be dedicated to the status of the EU reform process following President Macron's speech, main open issues in the field of the Eurozone reform, issues related to multi-level governance in the EU, the approach to democratic conventions and the European elections. Panel debates with external and internal speakers will be followed by more practical discussions and workshops.


The meeting will be held in Brussels from Saturday 13 to Sunday 14 January 2018 at the cultural center "De Markten" in Brussels (Place du vieux marché aux grains/Oude Graanmarkt 5 - 1000 Brussels).


Registration was mandatory for all participants by 4 January 2018. Registrations are now closed.

Only the first 40 participants registered and requesting reimbursement of travel expenses will be eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses, provided they are members of the UEF Federal Committee or of the JEF Federal Committee. Reimbursement will be granted on a FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVED BASIS according to the date of registration. When the first 40 participants eligible for and requesting reimbursement are accepted, the header of the registration form will indicate the message “Travel reimbursement no longer available”.


Participants requesting reimbursement upon registration need to pay a participation fee of 60 euro per person (30 euros for JEF FC members) payable within one week after confirmation of their registration and not later than 8 January. This contribution covers also Saturday evening’s dinner.


Participants eligible to travel reimbursement will receive 100% of the travel costs up to a maximum total reimbursement of 160 euros, provided they use low-cost lines whenever possible and book their trips no later than one week after reception of the acceptance notice from the UEF Secretariat. Reimbursement of travel expenses will be done only upon provision of original travel tickets and hotel bills, as UEF needs to evidence participants’ costs as own contribution and co-financing of the event.


All participants must arrange and pay for their own accommodation.


UEF and JEF members not requesting or not eligible for travel reimbursement (i.e. non-members of the Federal Committees and Members of the Federal Committees in excess of the above 40 places), can participate anyhow in the meeting by registering by 4 January 2018. In this case, only a fee of 25 euro will be payable upon their arrival to the event if they have selected dinner upon registration.


Saturday lunch and coffee breaks are covered by UEF for all participants.

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