75th Anniversary

8-10 July 2016 | Brussels

The second edition of The Federalist Academy was held between Friday 8 and Sunday 10 July 2016 in Brussels.

The Academy is an annual training event aimed at members who are looking to develop their capabilities as activists and are committed to working to strengthen their national or local sections.

The 2016 programme covered three core elements: Political Activism, Political Advocacy and Presenting Federalism.
  • The Political Activism session helped members develop their skills in the important areas of Actions, Communication and Recruitment.
  • Political Advocacy presented a federalist perspective on advocacy and aimed to equip activists with some conceptual models for effective advocacy planning with specific attention on the local, national and European level.
  • Presenting Federalism provided an introduction to federalist thinking and federalist proposals and welcomed expert communicators to discuss how best to present them to a public audience.
Facilitator-led practical project groups, where participants, divided into small teams, were given a scenario and asked to design a response to the problems it presented were used to enable activists to apply the skills and knowledge adopted in a hands-on situation. Interaction and the exchange of ideas and experiences between participants was widely encouraged.

A brief report of the event is now available to download, as are the presentation slides for many of the sessions via the links on the left of this page. 
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