The UEF European Congress

The Congress is the 'general assembly' of the UEF. It meets every two years; it consists of delegates of UEF constituent organisations. It determines the policy of the UEF, elects the UEF President, modifies provisions of the Statutes and elects half of the Federal Committee members. View more information related to the past Congresses.

The UEF XXVI European Congress will be hosted in the MuseumsQuartier and University of Vienna.
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Find the detailed full programme here.

Friday 23rd November 2018, 12:00-19:00

     12:00    Welcoming of participants and registration of delegates
  13:30 UEF Federal Committee meeting
  14:00 Opening Session of the UEF XXVI European Congress
  14:45 Opening Speech and Political report by UEF President Elmar Brok
  15:15 Activity report by UEF Secretary General Paolo Vacca
  16:00 Public event "Sovereign again through Europe" (register here / programme
  19:00 End of session

Saturday 24th November 2018, 09:00-19:00

     08:30    Welcoming of participants and registration of delegates
     09:00 Political Commissions and Working Groups
     12:00 Deadline for candidatures of elected Members of the Federal Committee and Arbitration Board
     12:00 Family picture and lunch
     13:00 Finances
     14:00 Amendments to the Statutes
     15:30 Reports of Political Commissions and Working Groups, presentation of resolutions
       General debate on resolutions
     17:30 Deadline for amendments to the proposed resolutions and motions
     17:30 Presentation of candidate(s) for UEF President
     18:00 Elections, opening of ballots
     19:00 Closing of ballots
     19:00 Meeting of the Resolutions Committee

Sunday 25th November 2018, 09:00-12:30

     09:00 Meeting of National Delegates to nominate appointed members of the Federal Committee
     09:15    Announcement of election results
     09:30 Votes on resolutions
     11:00 Closing speech by the new elected President
     11:15 End of the Congress
     11:15 Meeting of the new Federal Committee
  13:00 End of the Federal Committee

Registration and participation conditions

Registration is compulsory by 26th October 2018 by filling in the registration form.

Registration will be confirmed upon receipt by the UEF Secretariat of the participation contribution of 50,00 EUR (a reduced participation contribution of 25,00 EUR applies to JEF members, participants under 25 years old and job seekers). The participation fee needs to be transferred before 26th October to the following bank account:

Union of European Federalists

BNP Paribas Fortis

Agence Quartier Léopold

Place du Luxembourg 14B - 1050 Ixelles

IBAN: BE69 2100 3760 9578


Communication: "Congress Vienna: *First Name* *Last Name*"

Proposal for resolutions

The XXVI European Congress of the UEF will discuss the following proposals for resolutions:
  • Proposal for a resolution [1.1.] of the UEF Congress “A united Europe – now more important than ever” Submitted by Otto Schmuck
  • Proposal for a resolution [1.2.] of the UEF Congress “Multi-level federalism as a guiding principle of the European Union” Submitted by Otto Schmuck
  • Proposal for a resolution [1.3.] of the UEF Congress "The Europeanisation of Politics and Constituent Process" Submitted by Enrique Barón Crespo, Guido Montani and Domènec Ruiz Devesa
  • Proposal for a resolution [1.4.] of the UEF Congress “Resolution on fair taxation and own Resources” Submitted by Catherine Vieilledent and Ciavarini Michele on behalf of UEF-Groupe Europe
  • Proposal for a resolution [2.1.] of the UEF Congress “Migration and Asylum” Submitted by Pilar Llorente Ruiz de Azúa, Domènec Ruiz Devesa
  • Proposal for a resolution [2.2.] of the UEF Congress “Making Human Rights a reality for all in the area of Globalisation - 70 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)” Submitted by Daphné Gogou on behalf of UEF-Groupe Europe
  • Proposal for a resolution [2.3.] of the UEF Congress "A European Unemployment (Re-)Insurance to stabilise the Eurozone and strengthen European solidarity" Submitted by Christopher Glück
  • Proposal For A Resolution [3.1.] of the UEF Congress “Towards a Federal EU army: A Union that Protects, Empowers and Defends" Submitted by Bogdan Birnbaum

Amendments to the proposals for resolutions can be submitted by filling in an amendment form and sending it to by 28th of October 2018.

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