The hearings of the nominees for the new European Commission start today, Monday 29 September. Each Commissioner designate will be examined by the European Parliament committees and a final vote in the plenary is expected on the 22 October.

As contribution to the debate, the Union of European Federalists will submit the following four questions for each of the nominees:

1. Will you support initiatives to further integrate the Eurozone towards a fiscal, economic and political union, including re-launching the proposals put forward by the former Presidents of the European Council, European Commission, Euro-group and European Central Bank in their report “Towards a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union” presented to the Member States in December 2012?

2. Will you support initiatives to revive the European economy by complementing the ongoing structural reforms of member states’ economies with a large-scale European plan of investments in pan-European projects directly funded and implemented by the EU institutions and by completing the single markets in all its areas?
3. Will you support a future revision of the EU Treaties, including through a constitutional Convention, to address the democratic and effective governance of the Eurozone, the relationships with the non-Euro countries and the extension of the Union’s powers in home as well as foreign affairs?
4. Will you support initiatives for moving from a Common to a European Foreign, Security and Defense Policy, including European military capabilities to face the many security challenges at Europe’s borders?


It's time for a federalist action on social media! Here you have 10 questions you can share on Twitter to raise visibility of  federalists' demands during the EP Hearings 2014. Pick your favourite, click on it and it will be automatically directed to your Twitter account. You can also come up with your questions, just don't forget to add #EPhearings2014 to your tweet!

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Let's give federalist proposals as much visibility as possible! Let's create a federalist buzz!


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