The European Federalistsā€™ Campaign for the European Elections

At the European Congress in Vienna, the Union of European Federalists has launched its campaign for the European Parliament elections in May 2019 with the motto ā€œI choose Europeā€.

The "I choose Europe" initiative intends to call citizens who believe in the European unity to come out and vote, choose Europe against the European project of the nationalists, to speak up for the Europe they want for the future. The project encourage expression of choice by voting for a Stronger, Democratic Europe, Social Europe, Federal Europe. It also intends to call candidates and policy makers across Europe to rally around a road-map of reforms leading to such a Strong, Democratic Social and Federal Europe that can inspire the trust of the citizens and deliver on their expectations. 

The project will support national and local campaigner with training activities, communication activities and material as well as with coordinated advocacy actions. 

Training seminar for campaigners

The first event taking place in Brussels in January 2019 is an intensive training and coordination event for activists of the Union of European Federalists (UEF) and the Young European Federalists engaged in the campaign for the European elections at national or local level.

It will offer participants the chance to:

  • understand the objectives, key messages, plan and timeline of the European campaign and its placement in the broader context of UEF and JEF activities;

  • get acquainted and practice the campaign tools (appeal to political parties, pledge for MEP candidates, pledge for citizens, campaign manifestos, visual material)

  • engage in skill-building workshops on essential campaign skills such as use of social media, advocacy approaches to candidates and political parties, and communication messaging.

  • practise the campaign narrative on the four key thematic areas of the campaign: a Strong Europe, a Democratic Europe, a Social Europe, a Federal Europe

  • align on how to coordinate local and national actions in the frame of the European campaign using synergies at best.

The event will combine presentations, interactive workshops, small group activities and individual feedback sessions.

Communication actions

Promotional and visual material will be developed at different stages of the project and will be available on-line in order to support campaigning actions on the following elements:

  • I choose Europe
  • a Stronger Europe
  • a Social Europe
  • a Democratic Europe
  • a Federal Europe 

Advocacy actions

European Parliament candidates across Europe will be asked to pledge to work for a Europe that is Strong-Democratic-Social-Federal by committing to key demands proposed by the project and its' partners. The advocacy action will combine pan-European actions from Brussels with local outreach actions by the national and local multipliers engaged in the project. 

Final event 

A final event in Strasbourg for the opening session of the European Parliament in July. The event will mark the end of the campaign and the opening of the dialogue between citizens and civil society engaged in the campaign and newly elected MEPs who have committed to the objectives of the "I choose Europe" project. The event will consist of structured dialogue between the civil society representatives and the MEPs from different countries in an informal setting.

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