18-20 March | Europe Direct - ATHENS

Image:  Aleksandr Zykov

The Federalist Debate & Training Weekend is a yearly event for experienced and new activists. The weekend is the perfect opportunity for UEF and JEF members to engage with expert speakers, discuss federalism and current European political issues from a federalist perspective and take part in practical training on campaigning for a federal Europe.

The 2016 edition, hosted in Greece – a country concurrently exposed to the Euro crisis, a social crisis and the refugee crisis – focused on three of the main challenges facing the European integration project today through the common thread of European solidarity:

Solidarity between states: from a monetary union to a fiscal and economic union

Solidarity between citizens: towards a social Europe and European welfare tools

Solidarity between peoples: European solutions for the refugee and migration crisis

Expert speakers introduced each session to enable participants to develop their theoretical and political understanding of the topic. Each session examined how a federalist perspective offers solutions to the problems faced.

Sunday was dedicated to three practical-oriented workshops.


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