13 September 2015 | Brussels

Federalist Proposals for EU Reforms

Federalist workshops aim to create a conversation between policy experts and federalist-minded professionals from the world of EU politics, business and civil society.

On Sunday 13 October Sietse WIJNSMA, Advisor to Guy Verhofstadt, currently working on the preparation of the European Parliament’s report on The Institutional Future of the European Union Beyond the Treaty of Lisbon joined UEF members to introduce the draft report and exchange ideas about federalist proposals for reforms.

Various topics were discussed, including:
  • The variable geometry of the EU (Ă  la carte Europe)
  • The strengthening of the Eurozone
  • Democratization and accountability
  • EU foreign policy

Chatham House rules applied.

If you are interested in attending future Federalist Workshops please contact the UEF secretariat to be added to our mailing list.

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