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"I Choose Europe" closing conference

The “I Choose Europe” campaign has been led by civil society organizations, aiming to strengthen young people’s public participation before and after the European Elections 2019. Before May 2019, we organized debates and public events intended to raise awareness of the European Elections and send a clear message to current and future decision-makers that young people’s voices matter.

With the new Commission just taking office, this final conference will be the perfect moment to assess the success of the “I Choose Europe” campaign and also look at the future of how youth and civil society organizations can make their voice heard in European-level decision-making in the next cycle of reforms the European Union.

The closing ceremony will take place between 20-21 January 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. It will bring together young Europeans from all over the continent, civil society organizations, as well as representatives of the European institutions.

During the conference you will have the opportunity to reflect on the “I Choose Europe” electoral campaign, as well as the role of youth and civil society in shaping Europe’s future. Furthermore, a discussion on the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe will take place. It will be followed by a simulation workshop where participants will be able to discuss their proposals for the future of Europe together with civil society organizations and Members of the European Parliament, as well as representatives from the European institutions.

The outcomes of the discussion will be compiled into a set of policy recommendations addressed to European decision-makers, creating synergies with our upcoming “Y-FED” project aimed at bringing the EU closer to its citizens.

Objectives of the Final conference:

  • Assess the success of the “I Choose Europe” campaign.
  • Reflect and debate about the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe, while exploring the role and expectations of youth and civil society organizations.


Please find the full programme here.

Please find the Preparation Guide for the simulation here


The event will take place at BIP - Brussels Info Place, Rue Royale 2-4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium (EU)



Please register by Sunday, 17th of January 2019 by filling in the registration form.

Simulation exercise : Youth Agora on the future of Europe

During the second day of the conference we will carry out a simulated debate on the future of the European Union. The exercise will allow the participants to discuss about the topics on the future of Europe that interest them the most and make policy recommendations. We highly encourage you to read the preparation guide for the simulation carefully. 

Please, download the Preparation Guide for the simulation here.

Participation Conditions

The event is open to all citizens free of charge.

Special offer for EP election campaign activists

Did you participate in the “I Choose Europe” campaign with us or in a similar project related to the European Elections 2019? If yes, we encourage you to mark the relevant field in the application form. We will choose 26 activists and invite them to the conference, covering the costs of their accommodation and meals in Brussels between 19-22 January as well as reimbursing the cost of their travel to and from venue[1]. Please note that the deadline to apply as an activist is 20th December 2019. If accepted, you agree to attend the entire conference and make a contribution to a session on day 1 if requested.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Age 18-30
  • Involved in the “I Choose Europe” campaign or a similar activity related to the European Elections 2019.
  • Willing to share his/her experience from the campaign.

Resident of one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, North Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Spain.

[1] Eligible arrival no earlier than 18.01 and departure no later than 23.01. Eligible countries and maximum reimbursement amounts in euro per participant: Austria (200), Belgium (50), Bulgaria (150), Finland (200), France (150), Germany (150), Italy (200), Greece (200), North Macedonia (200), Malta (200) Poland (200), Slovenia (200), Spain (200).

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