UEF EP elections campaign 2009

On the eve of European Parliament election 2009, UEF started a campaign “Stronger together for federal Europe”. Trough this campaign we were putting forward innovative ideas for how Europe can be made more democratic and functional – both to the citizens about to vote as well as to the decision makers across Europe, and the new European Parliament in particular. 

The political demands of UEF in light of the European Parliament Elections were summed up in the UEF Manifesto for the European Parliament 2009-14.

Past Activities

Local debates, campaigns and events were taking place all over Europe where UEF is present. Read more about our past events and activities.

Campaign: Who is Your Candidate?

This campaign fights for a transparently and democratically elected President of the European Commission. Read more...

The Federalist Online Taskforce

To put a message across today it is important to be present with a strong online strategy. That is why we set up a Federalist Online Taskforce (FOT) with the mission to target online forums/newspapers, blogs etc with our federalist messages. Read more...

The Federalist Intervention Taskforce

The Federalist Intervention Taskforce (FIT) gathered around 35 federalist activists from UEF and JEF in Brussels, with the purpose to visit as many Brussels level debates as possible and make federalist interventions/questions.

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