Federal Union Now! 2011

The campaign "Federal Union Now" was started with a belief that a decisive move towards a federal EU is needed, where decisions are taken at the most rational and efficient level, but as close as possible to citizens. Only a coherent and strong government could tackle the current crisis. The campaign aims to ensure that the idea of Federal Union becomes an option for all democratic forces.

We campaign for:
- Further reforms of the EU treaties, reinforced surveillance and discipline of national economic and fiscal policies.
- A robust EU-wide plan for growth and development for the recovery of the European economy.
- A thorough reform of the EU's financial system to allow a reshaping and enlargement of the creation of genuinely autonomous sources of revenue which link EU spending more directly with the citizen tax-payer (which will replace the national contributions based on GNI).
- A fiscal Union under the direction of an efficient federal economic government with clear decision-making structures and mechanisms to impose binding measures on MS, which do not implement EU economic and fiscal policies.
- Real transfer of power from national to European level in the fields of taxation, budget, economic policy and foreign and security policy.
- A united democratic Europe!

Federalist "Outing"

During the times of the Eurozone crisis many politicians on a national and European level have declared that we need to go further in European integration. There have been calls for 'more Europe', deeper integration and a genuine fiscal union based on solidarity. The Union of European Federalists (UEF) has collected these statements in unique photo collections. Check out "Federalist Outing" and "Federalist "Outing" from Members of the European Council".


Following the agreement on the fiscal treaty by the heads of government of 25 member states, the heads of the the Union of European Federalists (UEF) the Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe) and the European Movement International (EMI) -  started petition the European Parliament. The Lisbon treaty provides a good basis for stronger Europe, but treaty changes are necessary. The current treaty on fiscal discipline does not address the critical problem of sovereign debt and is only one further step towards economic recovery.

The petition, initiated by the heads of the three leading pro-Europe organisations and undersigned by the citizens of the European Union, asks the European Parliament to use its full powers under Article 48(2) of the Treaty on European Union to initiate a further revision of the European Union treaties with the objective of creating a full fiscal union with a reformed financial system. Fiscal solidarity needs a common budgetary policy run by a federal economic government which is democratically accountable to the European Parliament and subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

The Parliament has to take the decisive step in European construction!

Join us, sign the petition and spread the word!

Transnational lists

The Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) of the European Parliament approved a ground-breaking proposal by MEP Andrew Duff with a large majority on 19 April 2011 which could strongly boost the Parliament's democratic legitimacy. According to this proposal an additional 25 Members would be elected from transnational lists during the elections to the European Parliament. Each EU Citizen could thus have two ballots, one for national lists and the other one for EU-wide lists, already at the elections in 2014.

Get to know more with EU Electoral Reform Pamphlet...
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