• The Conference on the Future of Europe that ended on 9 May made a number of important proposals with the aim of making the EU more cohesive and inclusive, more democratic and more effective in its policies and action.
  • Some of these demands require a reform of the Treaties, in particular to intervene on competences, decision-making mechanisms, the powers of the European Parliament and the possibility of direct political control by citizens.
  • For this reason, the European Parliament immediately adopted a resolution calling on the European Council to immediately open a European Convention to initiate the reform of the Treaties, indicating a number of points raised by CoFoE on which action should be taken in order to create a political union.


The Union of European Federalists (UEF) 

  • appeals to the European Council and the national governments of the member states, who now hold the power to initiate the Convention in their hands, to immediately open up to reform and to initiate the process that, with the support of the citizens, can lead to the creation of a federal, sovereign and democratic Europe;
  • engages the national sections to campaign in their country, towards the government and parliamentary forces, to support the launch of the Convention and the opening of the reform of the Treaties.

Read the UEF statement:  Appeal of the Union of European Federalists (UEF) to the European Council and EU national governments




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