• The Conference on the Future of Europe that ended on 9 May made a number of important proposals with the aim of making the EU more cohesive and inclusive, more democratic and more effective in its policies and action.
  • Some of these demands require a reform of the Treaties, in particular to intervene on competences, decision-making mechanisms, the powers of the European Parliament and the possibility of direct political control by citizens.
  • For this reason, the European Parliament immediately adopted a resolution calling on the European Council to immediately open a European Convention to initiate the reform of the Treaties, indicating a number of points raised by CoFoE on which action should be taken in order to create a political union.




  • In these months, therefore, even more so in the face of the return of war and the demonic face of nationalism to our continent, we Europeans must be aware that the opportunity has arrived to complete our political union by building a federal, sovereign and democratic Europe.
  • It is now up to the European Council to accede to the EP's request and to vote by a majority to launch the Convention in order to open the construction site for the reform of the Treaties;
  • but it is also up to all democratic forces and all citizens who care about the future of our society to show their support for this crucial step.




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