29 March, 2009
XXIV Congress of the Movimento Federalista Europeo in Catania, Italy, 27th-29th of March 2009

During three days the Italian federalists met in Sicily to discuss their strategy regarding the federalist movement, the status of the EU and elect the new board that will be leading the Movimento Federalista Europe.

The Congress elected a new Comitato Centrale which, following the decision of Guido Montani of not candidating again, elected Lucio Levi as the new President of MFE. The Comitato Centrale confirmed Giorgio Anselmi as Secretary General and Matteo Roncarà as treasurer.

The Congress of MFE had extensive participation of members of all over Italy as well as a good representation of personalities and young federalists and, once again, it successfully showed the importance and relevance of the federalists ideas and activism.

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