02 December, 2008
Who-is-your-candidate.eu Campaign Action during the PES Council meeting, December 1st, Madrid

A group of 25 JEFers gathered in Madrid very early on Monday morning in order to welcome the participants to the Congress of the Party of European Socialists with t-shirts and flyers asking "Who is Your Candidate?". Inside, a group of almost 10 JEFers was distributing leaflets and leaving a "Motion to elect the Socialist candidate for the President of the European Commission" on the seats & tables of the Congress.

Martine Aubry, Mercedes Bresso, Walter Veltroni, Martin Schulz, Franz M√ľntefering, Mr Di Rupo, Giacomo Filibeck (President of ECOSY) and other socialist activists were asked about their wish to nominate a candidate as President of the European Commission. Most of them expressed a lot of interest and support for our initiative. Some of them (Martine Aubry, Elio Di Rupo, Giacomo Filibeck) even stated their support for this idea in public during their speech saying that they would like this proposal to be included in the PES manifesto.
During the afternoon, the group of JEF activists went out in the streets of Madrid to exchange with the public about this action. Again, the population expressed positive reactions and a lot of interest for this proposal.
On Tuesday morning, some of the activists managed to participate in the debates of the Socialist Party concerning the 09 elections.
A very successful action!

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