09 May, 2011
What is in your pocket Europe? Festivities in Brussels
On May 7, activists from UEF European Secretariat, UEF Belgium, UEF Groupe Europe and Europa-Union Deutschland in Brussels and JEF gathered at the esplanade next to the European Parliament in Brussels to celebrate Europe Day 2011 and raise the profile of the European Federalists.

While some of the Europe Day participants were singing their hearts out at the Grand European karaoke in front of the Parliament, UEF and JEF activists, at joint information stand, not only spread information on the latest federalists’ actions and campaigns, but also asked people to contribute to a special Europe’s map with a slogan “Europe in my pocket”. Activists asked people passing by if they had anything European in their pockets or bags, like coins, tickets or anything else representing their country and if they would like to pin them to the map. With big enthusiasm people searched through their pockets to find something representing their countries and pretty soon, the map was pined with various items coming from all over Europe.

JEF members asked people to answer three simple questions: “What is the best adjective to describe Europe?”, “What is Europe's best achievement?” and “What should be Europe's priority?” and write the answers on the stars to be stick to a special wall.

During the noon, Federalists Picnic was launched. Due to the sun and the amazing weather, federalists were able to enjoy the real ambience of the picnic and meet friends and develop new contacts in the federalist network.

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