05 November, 2010
UEF Bulgaria: Increasing the Role of the Citizens in the European Project
The international seminar Increasing the Role of the Citizens in the European Project which will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria on December 12 - 19, aims at encouraging the active participation of young generation in the democratic life of the Union through debates, public consultations and citizens’ initiatives at local national and European level.
JEF, UEF and EM activists will seek ways to improve the European political debate and develop strategies to raise the awareness and the information level of the citizens in Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia and Austriа with respect to the European politics.

The necessity for information about the changes in the functioning of the EU, brought by the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, as well as the need for building leadership skills in young people aiming at awakening their civil consciousness and acceptance of the common European values, are some of the basic motives, which have provoked the initiation of this project.

Citizens should strive to live Europe as a personal experience, as their own story rather than an abstract distant Something. Citizens should personalize Europe: from Brussels to Sofia. We are all Europe and Europe is everywhere. The European project must not be perceived as an elite project but as an important part of life for everyone. The new treaty gives people the power to push for the Europe they want. Yet, we have to do our best in the lobby action for a more flexible and user-friendly ECI Regulation.

The project will involve governmental officials, elected representatives, scholars, activists of civil society organizations and, most importantly, the participants themselves in a series of debates, working groups and euro parties.    

The political, social, economic and cultural aspects that the seminar addresses will contribute to the broader involvement of  the citizens in the integration process and will turn them into active participants in the future of Europe debate. Their involvement into the debate, is a condition for overcoming stereotypes and national barriers in the context of creating a common European identity in terms of better knowledge of EU issues.

The ideas and knowledge generated during the seminar can be used by every participant and be implemented at local level.

The rich social program, including horse ride in Vitosha mountain, parties and sightseeing trip to the Rila Monastery, one of the most significant and picturesque monuments on the Balkans, will enable the participants to feel the atmosphere of Bulgaria - an ever-evolving and modern country with great cultural heritage and traditions, dating back from Roman and Byzantine times.

For more info about the participating conditions and application form: asea(at)scas.acad.bg

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