28 November, 2011
UEF brings federalism at JEF Training Days in Antwerp
The Union of European Federalists was invited by JEF Belgium to explain federalism to the participants of the JEF Belgium Training Days, held in Antwerp on 19th and 20th November 2011.

Matteo Adduci presenting federalism to JEF TDs participants.

Since 2010 JEF Belgium has been organizing its Training Days (TD), weekends of activities with the aim of attracting new members, strengthening the communication among its sections, providing some practical “tips” to spread the voice of the movement. However, main goal of JEF Belgium TDs is to motivate its members, fully aware of the fact that  “we can only be as strong as our members are”.

On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November, a sunny Antwerp welcomed the participants of  the TDs, gathered in the Conference Hall of the Youth Hostel Pulcinella, a brand new structure which resulted to be a perfect and functional venue for all the activities to come.

JEF Belgium invited the UEF to talk about federalism and to explain both the philosophical and the institutional aspects that stand behind the UEF fight for a federal Europe. Matteo Adduci  – UEF secretariat – brought the voice and message of the movement.  His presentation meant to trigger the participants’ curiosity, by showing first the historical importance and the strength of the idea inspiring the Manifesto di Ventotene and, secondly, the validity of federalism as a solution to the problems affecting Europe and the Eurozone during these traumatic years.

The result was an intense debate, that not only covered the very wide and multiform debate on the European identity and the current state of democracy in our continent, but also touched some technical aspects of the federalist theory – from the function of the principle of subsidiarity as the “catalyst” of a federal system to the fundamental need for a common fiscal policy for the EU.

The shared enthusiasm and participation, the several questions asked even after the end of the presentation, and the many thanks addressed to the UEF and to Matteo for having transmitted the basic instances of their work can be used to evaluate the UEF presence at the JEF Belgium TDs as a big success.

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