14 November, 2011
UEF Austria Congress "A federal European Union - NOW"
On 12 November 2011, UEF Austria (EFB – Europäische Föderalistische Bewegung) held its Congress in Linz, Upper Austria under a motto "Federal Union Now!". A federal Europe has been as necessary and important as it is now, in this crucial period of European integration.

In the light of the upcoming challenges the Austrian European Federalists decided to re-orient the foundations of their organisational structure and working programme. In addition to a reorganisation of the board with the aim of streamlining, the Congress developed a new activity program for the next four years.

The reform of statutes was seen as a necessary step. A new board was elected consisting of 11 people — a good team that will be able to face the upcoming challenges.  The new board will be in charge of the necessary expansion of the Austrian organisation. UEF Austria still brings together all those who, no matter their political affiliation, struggle for the construction of a federal Europe.

Following the example of UEF president Andrew Duff who has recently published the pamphlet "Federal Union – Now“, UEF Austria has developed its vision of a federal Europe:

• a Europe of citizens who are aware of their European political identity apart from their national and regional identity, where they understand themselves as citizens of the EU;
• a European Union with a major power such as a real common foreign and security policy and an economic and financial government to achieve the goals of peace, security, prosperity and social justice in Europe;

Such a politically strong EU can be legitimised only by a democratic constitution, because only democracy and the rule of law can prevent the abuse of power.

During the next few months the draft programme will be discussed to proceed with actions and spread the message to the Austrian fellow citizens. The newly elected board is ready to work for a federal Europe in the Austrian section of the Union of European Federalists as well as on European level.

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