01 November, 2010
“The future of Europe has no Lobby!” UEF Section Representatives meet EU-Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski
On Friday October 29, heads of national sections of UEF gathered to discuss UEF internal communication and its external visibility, and more importantly, to set up framework for the action plan 2010-2020.

Later in the evening, UEF President Andrew Duff MEP invited EU Commissioner for Budget Janusz Lewandowski to join the meeting and share his thoughts on the future negotiations for the financial perspectives for 2014-2020.

In his speech Mr. Lewandowski said that the way the European budget was currently financed is contradicting the spirit of the treaties and vision of the Founding Fathers of the European Union. 76 percents are still payments from the national budgets and only 12 percents can be called genuine own EU resources. With the responsibilities of the EU under the Lisbon Treaty, it is worrying when EU member states would want to reduce rather than to increase the European budget. Knowing that the EU budget is growing at a slower pace than the national budgetsn, and keeping in mind that euroscepticism is increasingly growing across Europe, the Commissioner pointed that Federalists’ priority number one should be campaigning and organizing actions in order to stress the importance of a bigger EU budget.

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