24 June, 2016
The Federalist Academy 2016
The second edition of The Federalist Academy, a training event aimed at members looking to develop their capabilities as activists and committed to working to strengthen their national or local sections, was held between Friday 8 and Sunday 10 July 2016 in Brussels.

The 2016 Academy welcomed 23 participants, UEF and JEF members from across Europe. The programme covered three core elements: Political Activism, Political Advocacy and Presenting Federalism.

•   The Political Activism session helped members develop their skills in the important areas of Actions, Communication and Recruitment.

•   Political Advocacy presented a federalist perspective on advocacy and aimed to equip activists with some conceptual models for effective advocacy planning with specific attention on the local, national and European level.

•   Presenting Federalism provided an introduction to federalist thinking and federalist proposals and explored how best to present them to a public audience. 

Further information about the Academy can be found on the event's page.

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