01 November, 2010
Rainer Wieland MEP encourages to be active and fight for federalists' ideas: "Declarations are not enough!"
Over the weekend of 30-31 October UEF held its Federal Committee Meeting. Delegates discussed the EU’s economic governance, cultural identity and structured cooperation on defence during the UEF Political working groups. The need of a flexible and user-friendly European Citizen’s Initiative was also raised in the discussions.

UEF youth organisation JEF was present and made several suggestions to improve UEF-JEF cooperation. European Movement International was also present by the attendence of its Secretary-General Diogo Pinto. The meeting was also attended by Diogo Pinto, European Movement International Secretary-General.

During the morning session, Rainer Wieland MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament and Vice-President of the European Movement International, joined the FC delegates. In his speech Rainer Wieland stressed that European Union Project needs to be personalized rather than idealized. Federalists need a culture of common understanding, core of the things that are considered right and build what they all consider right before getting European political parties in. The Union of European Federalists and European Movement International are a non-party support to Europe: for Rainer Wieland that is their strength - fighting for ideas is more attracting than fighting for power. He encouraged federalists to develop concrete ideas and initiatives: "Declarations are not enough to convince people".

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