10 May, 2012
Public Discussion “Is the European Project Exhausted?”
On the occasion of Europe Day UEF Bulgaria along with the European Movement organised a public discussion “Is the European Project Exhausted?” held in Sofia University on 9 May.

Official opening of the debate by the President of the Republic Mr Rosen Plevneliev

The main topics discussed were as follows:
- Do We Need Further Changes in the EU Treaties in order to strengthen the economic governance, Overcome Democratic Deficit and Bring the Union Closer to the Citizens
- The European Solidarity and the Future of Cohesion Policy
- Does the EU Have the Moral Authority and Political Credibility to Take Global Responsibility

The debate was opened by the President of the Republic Mr Rosen Plevneliev. He said that the EU will come out of the crisis stronger but the member states have to show solidarity. The solution is not a two or three- speed Europe but Europe of solidarity and responsibility.   

The European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response Kristalina Georgieva delivered a greeting address as well. She expressed her concern that Europe is not competitive enough and is not doing enough to catch up with the US. Europe needs more economic and political integration, investments in innovations, and liberalisation of the labour market and green growth in order to overcome the crises. The Commissioner urged those who believe in Europe and our common future to speak often and loud since those who deny Europe are noisier.

The panellists invited to share their opinion on the topic included UEF Vice President and MEP Dr Andrey Kovatchev, the Ambassador of Denmark H. E. Kaare E. Janson, the Ambassador of the Netherlands H. E. Karel van Kesteren and the Ambassador of Germany H.E. Matthias Höpfner.

Andrey Kovatchev pointed out that the EU should have a stronger voice on the global level.
He stated the position of the European federalists that a federal and democratic government in Europe is the only way to protect the well-being of its citizens and secure their future against the challenges and crises of the modern world.  

The Q&A session was intensive and exceeded the envisaged time.

The discussion received extensive media coverage and became the most covered event in the history of UEF Bulgaria.

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