27 September, 2012
"On Governing Europe" - a new pamphlet by Andrew Duff
President of the UEF, Andrew Duff has launched a new pamphlet “On Governing Europe”. The launch event took place at the European Parliament yesterday, 26th September; in front a large audience composed by politicians, journalists and UEF members.
Taking as a starting point the financial crisis in 2008 in his book, Andrew Duff makes a review on the way the European Union has responded to the financial and economic turmoil and how the current situation is driving the EU to “a needed federal economic government”. Many measures have been taken, like the creation of three bailout mechanisms (EFSM, EFSF and ESM); however the European governance remains weak. Who is in charge of the crisis management, the problem of the UK’s opposition to a full Federal Europe and the proposition of a new form of associate membership are also key questions in Duff’s pamphlet.

The book helps to understand what is happening in the EU’s political arena to those who have not closely followed the EU debates. “It struck me that few outside a rather small circle in Brussels have been able to follow closely the unfolding events that shape the quickly emerging federal union. I have written this short book in August 2012 to try to piece together what is going on. I hope it is instructive, and that it might influence the important decisions which have to be taken in the next weeks and months if the future of the European Union is to be bright”, says Andrew Duff.

Andrew Duff is spokesman for the Committee on Constitutional Affairs for the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) and Chairman of the Spinelli Federalist Intergroup of the European Parliament.

Download "On Governing Europe" (pdf)
. Executive summary "On Governing Europe" in French, German and Italian.

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