24 January, 2007
No more borders within Europe: Youth exchanges through European projects
The Union of European Federalists (UEF) in cooperation with the European Movement and the Centre of European Political and Economic Studies organised a debate in the framework of the ¨Speak up Europe¨ campaign on Wednesday 24th January 2007 in the amphitheatre of the High School in the Municipality of Mouzaki (central Greece). 134 students participated in this debate which subject was “No more borders within Europe: Youth exchanges through European projects”.
This subject is of high importance for many reasons. The main objective of youth exchange projects is to give young people the possibility to acquire knowledge and experience that will probably constitute one of the foundations of their future development. These exchanges bring in contact teams of young persons with different background from two or more countries, providing them the possibility to meet, discuss and deal with various subjects, while simultaneously experiencing different cultures.

Pr. Kleanthis SIRAKOULIS (Lecturer in the department of Project Management – Member of European Movement) was chosen to be the moderator in this debate. Speakers included Eythimios BAKOGIANNIS (Vice President of International Relations of the National Youth Council), Korobilias GEORGE (Member of Team Europe), Lemos FILIPA (Erasmus Student in the University of Thessaly), Dimitrakopoulou VASILIKI (Student in the Department of Economics Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

The debate started with a showing of the “what has Europe ever done for us” animation and was followed by a pre-debate voting on the following question “Do you believe that your participation in youth exchange projects could help you in your future life?” which was posed by the moderator. The green cards (positive) were the majority (26 were red-negative), something that shows that even if young people don’t have the chance and the right information in particular subjects, they believe that projects like these can affect positively their professional, social or personal life. The moderator then gave the floor to the speakers and the chance was given to the audience to react or to ask questions. The debate closed with the final voting of the audience (all cards green except 5) which seemed to convince more people of the audience that youth exchanges can positively affect young people’s future lives.

Thessalia TV, a local Thessalian TV channel covered the debate. The sponsors of the debate were the NEOS AGON newspaper and the High school of Mouzaki.

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