07 March, 2012
MFE sections promote local coalitions of political and social force for a European Federation
Local and regional sections of the European Federalist Movement are promoting the creation of coalitions for a European federation in major Italian cities and region, gathering representatives of local political and social forces who share the federalists’ goals. Most recently. “committees for a European Federation” have been set-up in Turin, Pavia and in Sicily.

The Section of Turin of the MFE held the first meeting of the “Committee for a European Federation and a European development plan” in Turin on 7 March. Representatives of a broad range of organisations joined the Committee, including ACLI, ACMOS, AEDE, AICCRE, ARCI,  CESI, CGIL-Torino-Piemonte, CISLTorino-Piemonte, Federmanager, Forum Associazioni Insegnanti, GFE-To, GFE-Piemonte, Giovani Democratici, Giustizia e Libertà, Gruppo Abele-Libera, FLARE, IDV, Ist. Studi Storici G. Salvemini, Lega-COOP, MFE-Torino-Piemonte, PDL-PPE, SIOI, UDC-giovani, UDC, UIL-Torino-Piemonte.

The section of Pavia held the constitutive meeting of the Committee “Pavia for the European Federation”  on 24 February and a second meeting in mid April. In addition to local NGO’s,  the mayor of Pavia, the President of the Council of the Province of Pavia, some local members of the regional and national parliament and representatives of the trade unions joined the committee.

The regional section of MFE in Sicily has promoted the creation of as regional section of the European Movement, which has managed to gather members from over 45 local organisations (political parties, trade unions, other social forces, NGO’s). At the same time, upon initiative of the MFE, a federalist inter-group has been established in the provincial council of Trapani and has approved the appeal Federal Union Now.

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