10 November, 2008
JEF and UEF activists in Madrid during the PES Council meeting on 1st of December, Spain

In the framework of the Who is your candidate? campaign for a transparently and democratically elected president of the European Commission, UEF and JEF are organizing a public action in Madrid on December 1st during the meeting of the Party of European Socialists (PES) in the Spanish capital.

The PES Council meeting will bring together political leaders from the PES, intellectuals and PES activists who are interested in exchanging their views and opinions, in order to find new ways of promoting the socialist and social democratic values and policies all over Europe.

And the federalists want to be there present on the spot to lobby those leaders and remind them of our ideas of a more transparent, democratic Union of citizens.

For further information please contact secretariat@federaleurope.org or call +32 2 508 30 30

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