27 March, 2011
Internal resolution on a Federalist Training Policy
The UEF Congress, meeting in Brussels on the 25-27 March 2011: - Considering that Federalist training should be one of the UEF priorities to enhance the ideas of the federalist action among activists and non-activists, - Considering the need among activists to be informed on the federalist training opportunities all over Europe, - Considering that the participation of both the young and the more experienced federalist activists all together during training seminars represents one of the most important ways to strengthen the federalist organisation, - Considering the importance of having a coherent federalist action in the current and the future UEF sections, thus enhancing UEF political credibility and efficiency, - Calls upon the newly elected European Bureau to address this issue. Main goal of the European training policy will be to inform on existing federalist seminars and conferences in Europe and invite activists to attend; to develop new training opportunities for federalist activists and non-activists, going beyond national seminars; to develop European networks among UEF national sections.

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