01 October, 2011
Help spreading federalists' ideas! Join the team!
Federalists Intervention Task Force (FIT), initially launched for the federalists' campaign in 2009, has been re-started this year with an aim to increase the visibility of federalists at the European level debate and bring the federalist voice to every relevant Brussels event.
All kinds of organisations and institutions organise debates and conferences with a large audience - by simply being present as participants we can raise our hands and make a question or intervention with key federalist messages. With  very few human resources, thousands will receive our messages!

UEF Secretariat will coordinate an agenda with a selection of events and conferences in Brussels and send it out to the task force members fortnightly. If you are inspired, please contact us on campaign@federalists.eu before the event to say you plan to go and after the event to say you attended and briefly state what you intervened about. If you hear of good events do let us know on the same address!

If you want to take part in FIT-Bxl, contact secretariat(at)federalists(dot)eu.

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