29 April, 2011
Future of the European Union Enlargement: the Case of Western Balkans
The Union of European Federalist Serbia (UEF Serbia), Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) and the Centre for European Studies from Brussels presented a policy study as a final part of research project ”Sustainability of the Process of Association and Accession of Serbia and the Western Balkans to the European Union: Research on the Possible Scenarios of Accession“.
The presentation of the study was the closing event of the research project which for a main goal had identification of major obstacles for the pro-European development in the Western Balkans countries, assess the sustainability of the full integration of all Western Balkans countries in the EU and provide guidelines and recommendations for the policy and decision makers, taking into account different phases and in the association of the Western Balkans countries to the European Union and the unsettled political disputes. The authors of the policy study are the researchers of the Centre for European Politics of the UEF Serbia: Danijela Bozovic, Marko Vujacic and Nikola M. Zivkovic.

The welcome note was given by Mr. Henri Bohnet, Director of the KAS Office in Belgrade and Mrs. Danijela Bozovic, Secretary General of the UEF Serbia. The short presentation of the policy study findings, main points and conclusions was given by Mr. Nikola Zivkovic, co-author of the study and Secretary International of the UEF Serbia. He also indicated main aims of the study and to whom this policy study is addressed to, as well as the problems that researchers have faced with during the research. He pointed out that the policy study is a proof of how young people, who are leading force of the Serbian EU integration process, can give its contribution to the society. After that, audience was addressed by Mr. Andrew Duff, the President of Union of European Federalists and the Member of the European Parliament, Mrs. Tanja Miscevic, State Secretary in the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and Associated professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade, and Mr. Vladimir Pavicevic, Chairman of the National Committee of the Union of European Federalists Serbia and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade.

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