11 June, 2012
Federalists urge decisive action by Heads of Government and plan long term for the European Parliamentary elections
The Bureau of the UEF, meeting in Brussels at the weekend, backed the call by their President Andrew Duff MEP for a core group of states to form an immediate vanguard to tackle the EU crisis. They supported the proposal for a new European Fiscal Solidarity Treaty which would set up a European Financial Authority with real powers.

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Mr Duff said: 'There is solid agreement within the ranks of the Union of European Federalists that it is possible to make progress as rapidly as the critical situation demands with only a few member states.

"It is also clear to us that what is lacking, above all, from the current European Union is government. Government can be provided in the first instance by the mechanism of a new European Fiscal Authority capable of issuing redemption bonds, of making full use of the European Stability Mechanism, and of driving forward towards political union.

"At the end of this month the European Council should agree to adopt these measures by way of a new intergovernmental European Fiscal Solidarity Treaty which can be incorporated within the EU framework as early as 2015."

The UEF Bureau decided to draft a federalist programme for the European Parliamentary elections which will be put to the European political parties at a Congress in Berlin in November 2013.

The UEF Bureau also decided to recommend to its members to support the European Citizens' Initiative 'Let Me Vote!'.


See Andrew Duff's Saturday speech here

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