10 February, 2009
Federalists Intervention Taskforce Kick off meeting, February 10th, Brussels
25 federalists of all ages joined the FIT kick off event that marks the beginning of a spring full of campaigning!

Federalist Intervention Taskforce - FIT Bxl - is a campaign strategy developed in order to increase the presence of the federalist messages in the European debate, focusing especially on Brussels. It is a joint JEF/UEF project bringing together activists from all levels of both organizations and is coordinated by UEF Campaign coordinator Åsa Gunvén.

35 federalists have committed to visit at least 2 events each during this coming spring and make a question or intervention in front of the audience and high profile speakers, highlighting our federalist demands for Europe. Potentially 70 conferences, public debates, press conferences, round table discussions will be targeted by FIT, thousands of listeners and hundreds of decision makers will be reached with just a few hours effort from each member of FIT.

The interventions will be based on the federalist demands as stated in the UEF and JEF manifestos. At the meeting also Marta Semplici from JEF and Joan Marc Simon from UEF introduced the manifestos of the two organizations respectively.

Tips and tricks were shared by communication expert, and former JEFers, Bob Beck. Avoid being a federalist stereotype as in speaking only about constitutions, being to unrealistic etc. Remember you don't have to convince everyone in the room by your argument - if you convince 3 people this is a success! Being honest and personal, even if nervous and blushing is more effectful then making the "perfect" intervention. Simply make a start, then the rest will come automatically!

If you want to set up a Federalist Intervention Taskforce in your UEF section – it is easy! Gather some activists prepared to sacrifice 2-4 hours this spring, send out an agenda with events and start to go there and make your questions/interventions! If you want any help don’t hesitate to contact asa.gunven(at)federalists.eu.

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