24 November, 2011
Federalists demand that Merkel respect Community method to save the euro
Merkel's remarks against the creation of Euro-bonds and a change in the role of the ECB penalizes the euro, which retreated against the dollar. Federalists remind the Chancellor of Germany that common solutions and collective game are needed.
Andrew Duff MEP, President of the Union of European Federalists, has called for Chancellor Merkel to practice what she preaches and respect the Community method. In a statement today, Duff said:

"Angela Merkel should read, digest and open a discussion on the Commission's Green Paper on eurobonds instead of dismissing it with contempt. It is the Commission's job to take political initiatives - and the European Parliament has demanded that the Commission should act in this way.

"Until the Germans manage to agree on a credible alternative plan to stabilise the eurozone, they should stop blocking initiatives from others. The fact is that the German bund market has stalled and unless there is a serious political decision to mutualise sovereign debt across the EU, the euro is finished.

"The ECB must be freed from constraint to act to do whatever it takes to shore up failing banks. Treaty change and constitutional decisions need to be put in place. A key element of the package is to move progressively towards the creation of a fiscal union run by a federal economic government. In all this German participation is critical. Angela Merkel has her chance to save European unity or to ruin it".

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