12 November, 2011
Federal Committee meeting defines federalists' future positions
The Union of European Federalists are gathering in Brussels this weekend. This long awaited Federal Committee meeting is expected to define their common position over a range of highly important subjects: the federalist answer to the current economic crisis; the form of the new European economic governance - with the sensitive issue of the ‘ins’ and the ‘outs’, as well as credible alternatives for the latter - and the setting up of a battle plan for a decisive campaign for a ‘Federal Union Now’.
Taking stock of the latest events, Andrew Duff emphasised it in the opening speech: ‘this is an historic federal moment we cannot and must not miss.’

If the idea of a fiscal union and a strong EU economic government are unsurprisingly broadly supported, the main discussions focus on the means to achieve them. On the table: the role of the European Central bank as lender of last resort and the opportunity of either undergoing treaty changes or to explore at the fullest the existing treaty tools. Federalists are aware of the potential divisions the creation of a federal core would entail and also bear in mind that economic reforms must come together with an enhanced European democracy.

The other central issue that animated the FC meeting is the discussion on a federalist proposal of a European Citizens’ Initiative – ECI centred on the idea of a 'European New Deal'. The tremendous relevance of this project is widely shared.  The promotion of a truly democratic project - as opposed to the politics of austerity that the EU seems to sponsor - represents the key to achieve crucial popular support. The Federal Committee, tomorrow, will decide which path the UEF will have to embark on.

These hot discussions and debates will keep on going late at night as it is the trend in Brussels these days. The main questions remain open and vote on the resolutions will take place tomorrow.

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