03 June, 2010
External Action Service - UEF Group Europe attracts over 100 EU insiders
Upon the invitation of the UEF Group Europe, more than 100 members of European staff and of the general public met on 2nd of June with the two EP rapporteurs , Elmar Brok and Guy Verhofstadt, to discuss the creation of the EEAS.
The staff expressed their concern about the unity and permanence of the European Civil Service and the preservation of the EU's policy acquis in external relations. The Group Europe of the UEF was glad to hear both MEPs reaffirm their strong commitment to an efficient service for the EU's global action and to the integrative European method, ensuring the loyalty and fair treatment of its agents.

The rapporteurs made clear that a majority in Parliament is determined to use its full powers to support the following lines of action:

- The creation of the EEAS is an opportunity for the emergence of a European external policy combining each of the European external competences;

- As such, as the majority of these competences are by Treaty of the responsibility of the Commission, the service has to be as closely linked to the Commission as possible, particularly regarding budgetary and administrative matters;

- Such a link is also for the Parliament a prerequisite to guarantee political responsibility of the VPHR before the Parliament, which the Parliament views as essential for a democratic Europe, taking particularly into account the new role of the Parliament under the Lisbon treaty;

- To give ground to this political control of the parliament, all decisions concerning the external aspects of Community policies will have to be taken by the Commission as a body, even when it is integrating some actions concerning the EFSP competences of the VP-HR;

- Regarding staff matters, it is of the greatest importance that each member of the EEAS staff has a single loyalty towards Europe; the Parliament will secure that when co-deciding with the Council on the Staff Regulation.

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