28 February, 2012
European Federalists urge leaders to stick to their words
On 1-2 March, 25 of the 27 heads of government will sign the fiscal compact treaty. Over the last few months, many of those leaders have declared that we need to go further. There have been calls for 'more Europe' and a genuine fiscal union based on solidarity.
The Union of European Federalists has collected such statements in a special photo gallery.

This week the UEF calls on members of the European Council to stick to their word and act to achieve deepened fiscal integration within the euro area.

For example, in his recent speech at the Humboldt University, Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, said:

'What we are currently going through is not a "renationalisation of European politics", no, it is the "Europeanisation of national political life". And ultimately, with all its limits and its risks, this change will make the European project stronger'.

Even Petr Necas, prime minister of the Czech Republic, who is not signing the fiscal compact treaty, says:

'The eurozone has no choice now: either it will melt down - something which nobody wants - or it will move towards a federal fiscal body'.

And the other refusenik David Cameron, prime minister of the United Kingdom, admits he sees 'the remorseless logic of fiscal union'.

In a statement today Andrew Duff, President of the UEF, said:

'Angela Merkel has it absolutely correct when she says "Without a doubt we need more, and not less, Europe ... That's why it is necessary to create a political union, something that wasn't done when the Euro was launched."

Duff adds: 'Fiscal discipline is not enough to salvage the euro. We must move swiftly to the next stage of European integration: fiscal union run by a federal economic government'.

Other stars in the UEF gallery include:

Nicolas Sarkozy (France), Mario Monti (Italy), Elio Di Rupo (Belgium), Mariano Rajoy (Spain), Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Denmark), Andrus Ansip (Estonia), Jean-Claude Juncker (Luxembourg), Traian Basescu (Romania), Donald Tusk (Poland), Enda Kenny (Ireland), Valdis Dombrovskis (Latvia), Boyko Borisov (Bulgaria), Dalia Grybauskaite (Lithuania), Pedro Passos Coelho (Portugal) and José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission).

To view the full list of quotes, please visit the dedicated page.

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