18 December, 2011
European Evening on EU foreign policy – Brand without Core?
In 2009, the European External Action Service was created with the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. However, the goal of designing coherent foreign policies in the EU’s member states still appears vision rather than reality: In many crucial issues like the military operation in Libya, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and EU-China relations the Union does not speak with one voice.

From left: Gerhard Sabathil, Thomas Risse, Karel Schwarzenberg, Eckart Stratenschulte, Wolfgang Ischinger, Manuel Sarrazin

Which values does EU foreign policy actually stand for and what kind of foreign policy strategy does it promote? Answers to these and other questions were provided on 16 December 2011, by a high-ranking panel consisting of the director of the EU External Action Service Gerhard Sabathil, Czech foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg, chairman of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger, MP Manuel Sarrazin, and political scientist Thomas Risse. The panel was moderated by Eckart Stratenschulte, director of the European Academy, Berlin.

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