13 May, 2009
European Citizens Consultation, UEF/JEF Regional Debate on Youth Employment, 29th and 30th of October 2009

In the framework of the European Citizens Consultation the UEF together with JEF will organize a regional debate on the topic of Youth Employment: Challenges and Perspectives in Southern Europe. The debate will take place on the 29th and 30th of October 2009.

The European Citizens' Consultations are run by a unique consortium of more than 40 European partner oganisations, led by the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF), and co-funded by the European Commission under its “Debate Europe” programme, and foundations including the King Baudouin Foundation, Compagnia di San Paolo, the Robert Bosch Foundation, ING and funders at national level. The European partner organisations are European Movement International, European Policy Centre, European Journalism Centre and the European Citizen Action Service. The consultations have been organised under the patronage of the European Parliament.

As well as contributing to the political debate in the run-up to the June 2009 elections and feeding into the debate over how to respond to the global economic crisis, ECC 2009 is providing timely and relevant input for policy-makers as the EU begins work on a post-2010 successor to the Lisbon Agenda.

UEF and JEF organising the Regional Debates, with a particular focus on the MEPs newly elected in June 2009, ensure that the results of the consultations are disseminated and debated more widely.

ECC 2009 is part of an ongoing process to further develop citizen participation and consultation mechanisms. It builds on the success of ECC 2007, which established a new model for citizen participation through the first pan-European participatory project to involve citizens from all 27 EU Member States in the debate on the future of Europe.

So far online fora attracted some 250,000 visitors and the ideas posted on them were fed into the national consultations held in the 27 Member States in March 2009, where citizens in each country discussed this question and agreed ten recommendations for action. These recommendations were then voted on by all the participants to choose their top 15.

The top 15 recommendations were addressed and discussed by 150 randomly selected citizens on the 11 of May with top EU decision-makers at the first European Citizens’ Summit in Brussels. The Summit was the culmination of the first phase of the 2009 European Citizens Consultations.

The second phase will be complemented by the regional debates while one will be organised by UEF and JEF.

UEF will be able to provide you with further information anytime soon.

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