11 May, 2011
Europe Festival in Florence
From May 6 to 10 Florence hosted the Festival of Europe. Thousands of citizens participated in a number of cultural and political events organised by the European University Institute with the European and local institutions and several NGOs. Italian federalists actively participated in many events to bring our message to the Festival.

On May 6 a round table about security and military integration was attended by over 120 people. The panel was represented by Italian diplomats, generals, politicians, professors, and the regional secretary of MFE, Roberto Castaldi. On the same day, a conference by Giuliano Amatoat the università of Florence was the occasion to launch the document “The world does not wait for Europe”, with a strong federalist message, which resulted from a series of debates on the costs of non-Europe.On May 7 a lecture by Ambassador Pasquale Baldocci in Florence’ centre was used to present the same document.Two days later, on May 9 Italian federalists from local MFE section held an awarding cerymony of the competition “The youth and Europe” for high school students. All speeches stressed the need for a federal Europe. Radio live broadcast on Europe's festivity included speeches by president of the Parliament Jerzy Buzek, the President of the European University Institute Josep Borrell, and other speakers including Roberto Castaldi, regional secretary of MFE, who stressed the costs of non-Europe in certain sectors and called for a federal government. Italian Council of the European Movement organised a forum about “Europe 2014: the Europe we want”  with representatives of civil society, including several federalist organizations.On May 10 a group of federalist activists walked through the city centre with federalist flags and slogans and round table on the reform of the budget and economic governance was represented with federalist speakers such as Alberto Majocchi, Fabio Masini and Roberto Castaldi, stressing the need for a federal government of the economy.Throughout the Festival a permanent federalist stand was held inside Palazzo Vecchio, which hosted the most important events of the Festival to hand out leaflets and information to the participants and visitors.

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