10 June, 2011
Europa-Union demonstrates against the re-imposition of border controls
On June 10 in Halle/Saale, the Europa-Union Sachsen-Anhalt (local section of Europa Union Deutschland – UEF in Germany) cut symbolically a tollgate in reaction to the planned re-introduction of border controls in Europe.
"Doing so, the Europa-Union, an independent citizens’ initiative for a peaceful, free and federal Europe, fights for Europe with open borders and against new controls in the Schengen area. The planned re-introduction of regular border controls, as envisaged by the Danish government, is highly questionable and can be seen as a setback for the European Union”, states Steffen Schüller, president of the Europa-Union Sachsen-Anhalt.

“Since June 1985 the Agreement of Schengen about the reduction of passport checks on internal borders stands as synonym for the freedom of movement for European citizens. The abolishment of border controls is a major achievement on the way to a federal Europe”, adds Victoria Schmid, member of the Federal Committee of the UEF.

It is highly alarming to call the freedom of movement into question under the pretext of the arrival of refugees from North Africa or combating drug traffic. The Europa-Union urges - national political interests and right-wing populist parties in Europe must not jeopardize the European integration. The Europa-Union appeal urgently to the EU Commission and the governments of the EU member states to act: No new border barriers in Europe!

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