07 February, 2012
EUD Secretary-General Christian Moos: “The Time of small Steps is over”
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Maastricht treaty Christian Moos, Secretary-General of the EUD, says the European Union needs a new step towards integration. “Europe is at a crossroads. The time of small steps is over.” The economic and financial union which is necessary to stabilize the euro-zone cannot work without a political union. “Europe needs a constitution. Twenty years after Maastricht the time has come for courageous decisions. This is the only way to overcome the crisis”, Moos said.
„The Maastricht treaty aims at an ever more integrated union of the European people. The crisis now jeopardizes this union. Its economic and social implications operate like a wedge in Europe.” Moreover, the current supremacy of the European Council and the predominance of the so-called intergovernmental method of the European states threaten the cohesion of the European states. “The crisis has created dependencies. The heads of state or government do not any longer meet as equals.” Especially Germany was pushed in a role which harms the very basis of the European unification.

The European people now have to respond to these challenges, Moos says. “It is now time to bring Europe closer to its people. The Union requires a government which is fully responsible to the European parliament. The parliament needs the right of initiative. The EUD commits itself to the idea of a European federalism, a federal European structure.”

„We need a new convention that prepares a European constitution. In this process the European people have to be involved in such a manner that makes the constitution their own”, said the EUD-secretary general. He is aware of the reluctant attitude of many people, especially regarding the failed constitutional treaty in 2005. “But the European idea will die if it runs short of visions.”

View the complete press release (in German).

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